Mini Engineers Robot Building/Crafting: Do you love to build things and figure out how things work? Learn to design your own robots and machines from scratch! Each week we will create a unique TAKE HOME PROJECT using real electronic components like motors, gears, magnets, switches, and LED’s that you will make your own with lots of fun craft materials too.

Grades 1-4


Create and Code Robots: We'll be using Hummingbird Robot components from the Carnegie Mellon CREATE Lab to make a Robot Safari. It's the perfect introduction to programming, combining hands-on building and art with real electronics (servos, LEDs, motors, sensors). No previous programming experience is necessary. Participants will work in pairs to create imaginative and interactive robots. Grades 4-8


Lego Robotics: Participants will work in pairs to build amazing Lego projects then bring them to life with code. This Lego coding class introduces engineering and coding concepts while building unique, fun and interactive projects. Grades 1-4


Wood Shop: Our project based wood shop classes introduce students to safety and usage of basic hand tools while including opportunity for creative expression as well. Themes and projects vary. Please note these classes are not available for off-site enrichment.

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